Bremen: The Crafting Edition

Bremen Sewing Store

Hurrah, I stopped in at the Bremen sewing shop, they had many different brands of sewing machines including Singer, Pfaff, Janome and Bernina. Lots of thread, needles and wool but no fabric! I haven’t been able to find any fabric stores here, makes me wonder what they sew?

There are tons of arts and crafts on the Schnoor (a very old part of Bremen), this cute little mouse is a hard boiled egg warmer.
Crafts on the Schnoor

I think I’m going to go back and get one of these little guys, so cute!!

After shopping today I had a big long nap and feel like I finally passed jet lag. After dinner tonight we’re going to meet friends for drinks.

All photos in this post courtesy of my darling husband.

2 thoughts on “Bremen: The Crafting Edition

  1. That egg warmer is adorable! I wonder if they sell fabric in their ‘department’ stores. i think that’s what they did in Switzerland when I was there many years ago.

  2. Hi! You wonder where we get our fabrics from? Department stores do have fabrics, but fabric shops (patchwork and quilting) should exist even in Bremen. Just did a quick check. If you’re still there, Pamoja in No. 34 Fitgerstrasse specializes in African fabrics. Just look up ‘Stoffe’ in the Yellow Pages.
    Greetings from Germany

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