Our last day in Bremen

Tomorrow we fly out of Bremen with a six hour layover in Amsterdam then on to Toronto. Today we had one last walk around the Schnoor.

Sign from the Schnoor

Low and behold, I finally found a small fabric shop, the smallest shop on the Schnoor stocked with goodies that made my heart sing!



The store is called “Feine Stoffe” and is located at Wustestatte 3, if you’re ever in the area, Releana has some wonderful goodies in store! Sadly she does not have an online store, not many do here, it seems…

And these are the goodies I’m bringing home!

Gnome Ribbon

The red check is woven linen and yes, those are gnomes you see below that and ibex on the bottom.



Can’t wait to use my new goodies in various projects!

I’m sorry I missed the Sew Mamma Sew giveaway, I wanted to participate this year but it just didn’t work out. My favorite part of this trip was driving to the top of Austria’s tallest mountain, Grossglockner. It was absolutely breathtaking!


Not to mention the view from our suite in Hallstatt.



3 thoughts on “Our last day in Bremen

  1. I’m glad you finally found your shop that makes your heart sing.:) I can see why, I’m jealous of what you found. The pictures of Austria mountains are amazing glad you had such a great time.

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