Wanted: Sewing Mojo

I’ve lost my sewing mojo somewhere in Germany, ever since we’ve returned I haven’t had the urge to sew. What’s wrong with me?? I’ve been reading blogs and entering giveaways not to mention ordering fabric, patterns and ebooks to no avail.

I haven’t forgotten about the fabric and yummy trim I picked up on the Schnoor in Bremen and Japanese fabric I received before leaving not to mention some fabulous linens sitting on my coffee table. I just don’t know what to make! Last weekend I cleaned my sewing studio and ironed fabric but still no inspiration.

We were supposed to go to the cottage this weekend but it’s supposed to rain Saturday and Sunday so maybe I’ll start something… ANYTHING!

I’ve been wearing the skirts I’ve made all week, love, love, love them but I wish I’d added pockets. Then I had the idea that I could make utility skirts with all kinds of pockets? What do you think?

Have you seen my sewing mojo?

3 thoughts on “Wanted: Sewing Mojo

  1. Oh Tabatha! My heart goes out to you!! Loosing one’s creative mojo is like… is like losing one’s raison d’être! Painful. May your mojo return soon 😉 and groovier than ever! LOL!

  2. Also mine can’t seem to get myself started on any kind of sewing. Make a pattern for some shorts, got the fabric and haven’t touched them since.

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