It’s a start!

We’re here at the cottage again this weekend and the heat is stifling, it’s much cooler inside even without air conditioning. Yesterday evening I started preparing my Stitch and Slash project by selecting then ironing my fabrics, pinning them together then drawing my pattern with a water soluble marker. This afternoon I sewed my lines then started slashing.

Bending Pins: Stitch and Slash
And look who I brought with me:
Bending Pins: My Juki

My Juki!

See you tomorrow. šŸ˜€

3 thoughts on “It’s a start!

  1. Cool in the quilting world or not, I still love batiks and have a HUGE stash of them. I’ll use them eventually though.

  2. Oh hooray! You still like your Juki-post-Bernina? It’s the reason I found your blog (I’ve been researching that machine) and have enjoyed reading your blog ever since.

    • Yes, I do still love my Juki, it’s so quiet and smooth! I wish I had the 1/4″ foot with guide for my Juki but parts are expensive and hard to find. I have both set up in my studio so if I want to free motion quilt on my Bernina, I can still piece on the Juki without having to change everything.

      Thanks for following Karen!!

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