I didn’t “loose” my job…

I know exactly where it is, at the office where I left it, I just won’t be working there anymore!

I loved my work, I always do, I just don’t always love WHERE I work.

I’ll be applying for employment insurance on Monday, this is a fund every Canadian pays into while they work, it’s a safety net and I appreciate it!   I can continue receiving 55% of my salary while looking for other employment. This means we can still pay the bills without starving.

However, this means I’ll be on a fabric diet until I can find another job.  But that’s okay, I’ve amassed a lot of fabric over the past year and I need to use it!

The cup is always half full, right? 😀


6 thoughts on “I didn’t “loose” my job…

    • I’m looking forward to getting a lot of things done with this free time I’ve been given and yes, sewing is a biggie on my list of to do’s! 😀

  1. A great time of year to be drawing EI for sure. Be sure to take time to regroup, and find something/somewhere you really enjoy before you rush back.

    • You really hit the nails on the head there Mary! I’ll be able to enjoy the last month of summer, clean up the gaden and look for a new job thoughtfully! I rushed into this last job because it seemed too good to be true, and it was! Thank you for taking the time to comment. 😀

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