Quilt in progress…

I’ve been working on my In Reverse quilt using Vintage Modern and Marmalade. The most difficult part of this quilt is laying out the blocks and arranging them, I like the scrappy look but can now see in my photo here that I’ve made some errors. Ah well, once it’s quilting it won’t matter.

After some rearranging in the basement, I now have design wall but I need to purchase more batting so that the blocks can stick to it or at least be pinned to it. A lot has changed in my sewing studio and a blog post is overdue, expect to see something within the next 2 weeks.

Unemployment: Day 2

Does unemployment count on the weekend? We don’t get paid for them so… Day 1 may be tomorrow instead.

I think I’m finally starting to relax. The laundry isn’t done and I’m not panicking, I can do it later this evening or tomorrow, doesn’t matter! 😀 Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy working but when you don’t like your employers, it’s a very stressful situation. Last week my right arm had been numb and in pain, my neck was stiff and I had a headache that wouldn’t go away for two days. This is called stress and stress can do some ugly things to your body in so many ways.

During my unemployment, I want to create a weekly schedule for myself for housework, gardening, getting back on the treadmill and sewing, not to mention blogging. Our little home has been sorely neglected because we work so much and the last thing we want to do on beautiful, sunny weekends, is dust light fixtures or scour the tub.

4 thoughts on “Quilt in progress…

  1. That is looking cute. Can’t wait to see it done. Glad to hear you are out of that stressful situation. I am sure that something better is on its way for you 🙂

    • Hi Jenniffler, I can’t wait till this little quilt is done too! Thanks for the encouraging words, I looking forward to picking and choosing my next job instead of taking the first thing that comes along!

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