Real men like lavender too

DH never ceases to amaze me, he picked out our floral bedding, his favorite flower is the Black Eye Susan and he loves lavender just as much as I do! When I showed him the big bag of lavender I’d received in the post yesterday, he said he wanted a lavender pillow from the entire pound! Well, that’s not going to happen but I did make him a manly sachet.

I dug through my stash and pulled out a retro clock print in olive green (Ruby Star Shining by Melody Miller) then traced 1/2″ around one of the clocks and used that as a template to trace around another identical clock.

With right sides together I sewed around the shape leaving an opening large enough to stick my finger in with a little room to spare, about 1 & 1/4″. Turn inside out and stuff as much lavender as possible into the opening. I cut some cotton batting scraps into little pieces to cover the hole before sewing so the lavender wouldn’t spill out.

Using a tiny whip stitch, sew up the opening et voila, a funky, retro, masculine lavender sachet!



Here it is all done with my foxy little friend, I hope dh likes it. 😀


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