Lovely Little One

No, I’m not pregnant, not that I’m too old but I wouldn’t have the energy to keep up with a little one! No, this is about an Australian lass named Bettina, her blog is called “Lovely Little One“. Bettina was my Covert Robin but at the time of the swap, she gave birth! She was so sweet and apologized profusely for her tardiness. Of course I told her not to fret, we were on our way to Germany for vacation and little ones come before swaps!

Just look at the lovliness I found in the mail upon our return!

Look at those gorgeous little turquoise flowers, did she really make this herself??  And look at this!

Which opens into this!

Aren’t they lovely? Bettina is an excellent sewer, her stitches are perfection and I love that expadible zippered pouch in the centre of the wallet.

Thank you Bettina, your generous gifts are gorgeous!

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