Friday round-up

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What did I accomplish in the sewing realm this week?

1. In Reverse quilt top. Still haven’t created a backing for this yet, not quite sure what to do, perhaps a few scattered wedges on a white background? I have a charm pack or two, I could make granny squares.

2. Lavender sachet for my gorgeous hubby. He still wants a bigger one, I’m thinking about it.

3. Scraptastic random goodness in progress, this will be ongoing until it’s big enough to cover a bed.

4. Easy jellyroll lonestar. I kinda like precuts, especially jellyrolls and charm packs. I signed up for Kimberly Einmo’s Magical Jelly Roll Quilts on Craftsy awhile ago, she’s an excellent teacher and this class is great. This is the second time I’ve attempted the “Lonestar Strip Magic” and my points still aren’t perfect but I love what you can do with these blocks. This time I actually constructed a complete star but instead of using a second colour, I replaced it with the background color so the star would appear to be floating. Did it work?


What I didn’t expect when I chose the fabrics for this block, was the sense of movement I got in the centre star, those little houndstooth thingies appear to be moving in a clockwise rotation. I want to work on a few more of these blocks, arranging them into arrow flights.

I have the above block ready for quilting but I completely forgot to add sashing! Do I rip out all my basting stitches or do I simply add a border after the quilting? What would you do?

Today i’m linking up with TGIFF.

10 thoughts on “Friday round-up

  1. I love that Lonestar block – the floating idea is gorgeous and the secondary twirling pattern in the center is really wonderful! I’m inspired to try this block now. If this is a stand-alone block, I’d be inclined to give it a good border and be finished (but I like to keep going forward – not too much ripping out if I can avoid it!!) – also, keeping it simple will keep the eye going to the fabulous block, which you’ve done such a great job with! Thanks for posting!! Your other work is also impressive!

    • Liz, thank you so much for your encouraging words! I’m now thinking of making it into a quilt-as-you-go quilt, not sure, I’m working on another block today. Do try it, just be aware that your cutting and 1/4″ seams need to be super accurate. I’ve had to cut extra pieces because things just didn’t match up.

  2. I love the block! I’ve always added borders to my quilts with the exception of the last one I made and I love it! I know going borderless wasn’t one of your choices, but what the heck live dangerously and Go Borderless!

    • Thank you spinningsheep! Initially I was going to leave this as a 20″x20″ block but now I’m making more so it might turn into a mini quilt with 6 blocks, not sure yet. And thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

    • This is just a 20″x20″ block, as I’ve mentioned in other comments, I’m in the process of making more. Either I’m a slow sewer or these blocks take a lot of time! 😀 Thank you for leaving a comment, it’s great to hear from a new face!

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