WIP Wednesday: Unfocused

With this break from work, I’m having problems focusing on just one project. I really want to take advantage of this free time but feel scattered. Here are the various projects I’m working on:

1. Floating Lonestar – I forgot to put the binding on before creating a quilt sandwich and am not quite sure what to do with this. Do I quilt as you go adding other blocks or leave it as a mini quilt and put it on the wall?

Floating Lonestar

2. Another Lonestar.


3. Triangles! I’m crazy about these triangles, I absolutely love selecting fabric combinations and it’s a nice break from rectangles and squares.

Loving the triangles!

4. Scrappy madness. An ongoing projects without direction.

Scrappy Madness

5. In Reverse quilt top, I’ve finally chosen fabric for the back, I may work on this today.

In Reverse Quilt Top

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

23 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Unfocused

  1. The triangles are terrific! And the lonestar blocks – yum! I’d go for doing the backing on your reverse top quilt so you have the satisfaction of completion! Next I’d do more triangles because you have so much excitement in your voice when you talk about them, and the thrill of working on them will be motivating for tomorrow’s work!!

    • I agree Liz, I have an idea for my In Reverse quilt top and getting that completed will make me feel much better. And yes, I do LOVE those triangles!!

  2. About the star you sandwiched already: There’s a technique (I think it’s called “potholder quilts”) where all the blocks are quilted and bound and THEN put together (IIRC by whipstitch from the back.) I’m sure if you google it, you’ll find more information.

    • I think the technique you’re thinking of is “Quilt as You Go”? I’ve never heard of “potholder quilts” but it sounds like fun, must Google that!

      Just Googled it, “potholder quilts” are NOT the same as QAYG but I haven’t found a tutorial yet.

  3. Scattered thoughts for projects is definitely the usual for me too lately!

    I think quilting as you go for the lone stars would be fun!

    Love the madness quilt top too:)

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