Little things

After piecing together another quilt top this month I wanted to have fun with little things.

This is the last little pouch I made today, I tied to match the pattern on the flap with the pattern on the front, I think I was very close to being successful.

I also used the same fabric on the inside and again, matched the pattern with the front of the bubble. Disegard the opening at the bottom of the pouch, I haven’t closed the seam yet. This is an old Keyka Lou (now Michelle Patterns) pattern. I like snaps more than velcro.

Here’s another old retired Michelle Pattern, the Zipper Pocket Pouch made with Brrr by Laurie Wishbrun. I LOVE that polarbear!

It was a good day! 😀 Hope your weekend is going well too.



7 thoughts on “Little things

  1. They are both really, really great! You did a wonderful job matching the motif–I love it when things work out like that. And thanks for introducing me to Michelle Patterns.

  2. These are really terrific – love the way you matched the flap and front on the yellow bag – excellent!
    The polar bear is really sweet. I, too, prefer snaps (or magnetic snaps!) to velcro – I don’t really like that ripping sound velcro makes!! Thanks for the inspiration of your sewing projects.

    • Yeah, I don’t like the sound of velcro either and it drives me crazy when you put it in the laundry and it sticks to everything! Glad you like my little projects. 😀

      • Oh, yeah – that laundry business really aggravates me, too – and it shreds the lace on your underwear!!!

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