Irons in the fire

Before we knew anything about irons, DH purchased a T-Fal iron. It lasted 4 years before it started spitting water all over everything. At that time, I had signed up with Pattern Review and wondered what else was out there. Wanting to buy Canadian, I discovered the “Reliable Corporation”. Look it up, I’m not going to link to it. When I first received their iron, I thought it was the bee’s knees! It was hefty, produced a lot of steam, it was AWESOME! Awesome until 7 months later the rubber started coming off the handle and it started leaking.

Keeping a salt water aquarium, we had our own RO/DI water filter and produced water with no disolved solids (TDS) — no minerals or other matter, and this is what I used in my “Reliable” iron. Reliable Corporation was very attentive and sent me a refurbished iron in a very short time. Kudos to customer service. Ten months later however, the refurbished iron started to leak with a vengeance. This time when I called customer service, I was told that the leaking was due to calcium build-up. Um… hello, if you use RO/DI water with ZERO TDS, there is no calcium build-up because there is so calcium in the water!!

I was told there was nothing they could do because my ONE year warrantee had expired on my original iron. I argued that I no longer had my original iron because it was defective, as was the replacement. I had to contact the owner of the company via LinkedIn before they sent me yet another refurbished iron. This time the replacement had a dent in the sole plate, scuff marks on the body, the temperature was way too high and the internal water heater was loud.

I’m no longer impressed with Reliable Corporation and by no means consider them “reliable”.

Another search ensued. I’m dubious about Rowenta, there have been so many complaints lately about them leaking which makes me very sad, especially for a German company. Oliso, which appeared on the scene a year or two ago with it’s cute little yellow jacket and automatic sit up and beg feet, allegedly also leaks like a sieve.

Enter the DeLongi Pro300.  There are, at this writing, 140 reviews on, the majority of them positive. Surprisingly there are only 2 reviews on Pattern Review. I pulled the trigger and placed my order from where I can RETURN it for a FULL REFUND if I have any issues despite the warrantee! (Costco also sells a few Rowenta steam irons.)

I expect to see this on my doorstep either Tuesday or Wednesday. I may give an initial review after a week or two and will report any issues, if any. Fingers crossed!

Do you think an iron should last more than a year without issue? What iron do you love?

4 thoughts on “Irons in the fire

  1. I eagerly await your review of the deLonghi iron, Tabatha. I bought a T-Fal thru Amazon because there were so many good reviews, but it wasn’t long before it was intermittently puking out little brownish bits of yuck that discolor the fabric it lands on… Mad! We, too, have filtered water with our aquarium, and I’m happy to use distilled water, so I don’t get what the problem is, but it is VERY annoying. I had a Rowenta I bought in1987 which worked well for about 16 years then seemed irredeemably clogged so I got a couple of cheap replacements which lasted barely a year, then splurged on the T-Fal… It has a nice sole plate (ceramic), but that spitting business is just too much. Hopefully we’ll come up with something just right someday soon!

  2. I have the same problem with kettles. They last about 14months. I remember years ago that my Mum wouldn’t buy a steam iron because, at that time, they were only to be used with distilled water and she didn’t want to bother with that. Maybe that would help, though I know most irons these days claim to work with tap water. Good luck with your new purchase 🙂

  3. Yes! I think irons should last more than a year! I have yet to find the perfect iron…..I have bad luck with them. I have started using distilled water in my irons, and it seems to help! Now, me dropping them is an entirely different matter:)

  4. I had to buy a new iron last year because the one my mother-in-law bought for my husband when he went away to college died after 30 years. We jokingly refer to it as “that piece of crap iron”. I love the iron I have now. I have a big heavy GE iron now and I love it.

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