DeLonghi PRO300 unboxing

It’s here!!

So far so good. Click any image to enlarge.

People have complained on, that the cord from the iron to the unit is too short. It’s 54″, this is plenty long for my use, the boiler unit will either sit on my ironing board or a separate table. The electrical cord is 95″, I don’t know anyone who irons in the middle of the room. Understandably not all electrical outlets are in convenient places but it’s nothing a 14 amp. serge protected extension cord can’t take care of.

I love the feel of the cork handle and the iron in my hand as well as the smooth, flat sole plate. I’ve found when I’m fusing interfacing to fabric, the ridges leave an imprint. This will be interesting.

I also like that this unit comes with a cord holder, I’ve never had one before and the cord has always been in the way. it came with a funnel to put water into the boiler, it holds just over 3 cups. The instruction booklet is thin with basic diagrams in four languages.

I’m looking forward to a test drive tomorrow morning!

5 thoughts on “DeLonghi PRO300 unboxing

      • Hi Tabatha, I have a Rowenta D5030. As far a I know it is still available. I did have one problem, where my husband left it on for 2 days and it started leaking from the bottom, but I took it to the service depot and they actually replace the iron for me. I’ve had it for about 2 years now and love it.
        I hope your Delonghi works out, I really love the way it looks, kind of a retro look!

  1. oooooooooooo! I think I covet this! How did the test drive go? I had a leaking Rowenta! Hated it! Right now I am using my trustee old “T-Fal” iron I purchased from Canadian Tire eons ago! Doesn’t leak and keeps on ticking. But… you may have me adding something extra to my Christmas wish list!

    • I’ll be posting my initial experience either tonight or tomorrow but so far so good. This sucker gets HOT!! Frighteningly hot! Be sure to read the good and bad reviews on as well. There are far more good than bad but I suggest you read them all. 😀

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