DeLonghi Pro300 trial run

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Before trying out the new DeLonghi Pro300 steam iron, I procrastinated by cleaning up my sewing studio and moved some furniture around to accomodate a new (old) dedicated table. If truth be known, I was a little afraid of this beast, this is a formidable opponent to creases in fabric. How formidable, I wasn’t sure.

I read the manual again to ensure the settings were correct. I poured three cups of distilled water into the tank, plugged it in then pressed the steam and iron buttons to activate it and set the iron temperature on it’s highest setting.

The light on the iron itself turns off when ready and a button on the right side of the base lights up when the water in the boiler is ready to rock. I used scraps off fabric to test first, I didn’t know what kind of heat was generated and didn’t want to burn any of my stash.

DeLonghi Pro300

The iron is HOT!  Makes the Velocity, and all other previous irons look like children’s toys. I turned the heat setting down because it frightened me. I’ve actually had nightmares that I’ve burned myself on my iron and I don’t wish to make it a reality.

The steam is powerful too. I love that you can simply give it a burst of steam when needed by pressing the trigger on the handle.  I also appreciate the ability to turn off the boiler if not required and quite frankly, you don’t need it all the time because the iron can do the job on it’s own quite efficiently. Nothing is in the way, no buttons are pressed by accident.

I did find the line from the base to the iron too short as others did on When I measured it yesterday I thought it would be plenty long, I was wrong. I removed the cord holder which made it extend to the end of the board.

So far I like the DeLonghi Pro300, it’ll take some getting used to, I haven’t had an iron with a separate boiler before. With this new setup however, I don’t have to worry about the dog laying on the power cord and pulling the iron off the board. The hand unit weighs 3lbs and is comfortable, you don’t need to park it on the base unit, you can set it down like a regular iron but you must be careful as the cord is a little stiff and pushes the iron forward. I’m sure it’s just a matter of the cord loosening up over time with use.

If you have any questions I’d be happy to answer if I can.

4 thoughts on “DeLonghi Pro300 trial run

  1. Really curious to see how it does long term. I desperately need a new iron and I’ve been wary. I looked on line at Cost co and I couldn’t find it. Maybe they don’t have them out West. Any other comments you post I will look forward to reading!

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