Parcheesie: 1 block down, 15 to go

I love this block and am so glad I decided to make this quilt. I think it’s going to be a keeper, especially because of all the work that’s going into it. It’s also been fun working with Lauren + Jessi Jung’s fabric, “Flora”, there’s so much detail and I love the little bunnies, humming birds and snails in the print. Is my block Perfect? No, it’s just part of being human. 😀

I noticed that I’m amassing quite the collection of irons, dead and alive. I actually threw one out that I’d purchased at a garage sale because I dropped it and one of the buttons broke. From left to right:

T-Fal Ultraglide: Heats up fast but leaks everywhere.
Reliable Velocity replacement #2: Long heat-up time, leaks badly (#1 leaked as well).
Reliable Velocity replacement #3: Long heat-up time, very loud boiler, sole plate dented when received.
Elna Press 1004: Heats up fast, presses like a dream, great for a final press on blocks and fusing stabilizer/interfacing. Purchased second hand on Kijiji, works like a dream.

Then of course there’s my DeLonghi, everything is still okay, takes awhile to heat up, holds 3 cups of water and lasts forever. Since purchase I’ve only filled it up twice because I don’t have to use the steam all the time. I always turn off and unplug my irons when not in use and use reverse osmosis water. Distilled water is also good.

Hope you’re having a great weekend too!

1 thought on “Parcheesie: 1 block down, 15 to go

  1. What an impressive job of matching that print you’re doing on the Parcheesi block – wow!! I love the 16-patch center – very nice!

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