Preliminary Review: Superior Threads

Disclaimer: I have not received any monies or free product from Superior Threads. This is my honest and unbiased opinion, no one from Superior Threads has contacted me for my opinion.

Thread comparison

From left to right: 

Superior So Fine is a polyester 5owt, 3 ply thread, a 3,280 yard spool is US$16.90

Aurifil 50wt, 2 ply thread, 1,420 yards is US$11.99

Superior Kimono Silk #100 thread 1,090 yards was US$12.60 on sale at Superior Threads, regularily US$17.00

Mettler 50wt thread, 547 yard spool – can’t remember how much I paid.

I love Superior thread, especially their Kimono Silk Thread, it’s thin, stronger than cotton and a natural fibre. I love it more than Aurifil 50wt cotton and the biggest differences are a) NO lint and b) extremely flat seams. I plan to use it on my next project from start to finish. The Superior So Fine is a 50wt 3 ply thread which appears to be marginally thinner than the Aurifil 50wt 2 ply cotton. The Mettler appears to be the thickest 50wt thread and approximately the same as Gutermann, in my personal opinion. After using Kimono Silk, Gutermann and Mettler feels like sewing with rope.

The So Fine I purchased in 3,280 yard spools from Green Fairy Quilts. I’m also interested in trying out Superior Threads’ King Tut 40wt which is a 100% cotton.

I’d love to hear about your experience with different threads.


9 thoughts on “Preliminary Review: Superior Threads

  1. I am a real novice in the thread arena, so thanks for the info. Have you ever used Connecting Threads thread? I have some and like it, but I think it is quite thick. Do you think thick thread makes your seams thicker, especially when pressing to one side? I think it might.

    • Hi Liz. Absolutely, thread weight really makes a difference in your piecing and how flat your seams lay. I haven’t tried piecing with the Kimono silk but I can’t wait! I’m in the process of ordering more while it’s still on sale! 😀 I haven’t tried Connecting threads yet.

      • Thanks for confirmation. I’ve used the Aurifil, but did balk a bit at the cost. Since I’m in the U.S. I’ll investigate finer threads that can be mail-ordered. I haven’t checked on the Kimono silk for US buyers, but will. Have fun at you machine!

  2. First, I should mention that I am associated with Aurifil but I do try to remain unbiased. Superior’s So Fine threads are lovely to work with and I have used them personally. Keep in mind that they are polyester, so any comparison to other cotton threads (Aurifil and Mettler in your posting) is like comparing apples to oranges.
    If any of your readers wish to try Aurifil for less than the $11.99 US that you quote, the threads are all available on my website for $9.00 Canadian.

    As well, I will have a booth at the upcoming CreativFestival in Toronto mid-October for anyone wishing to see a wide array of Aurifil thread all in one place.

  3. Hi Tabatha, it’s Superior Threads all the way for me. I know some purists will only use cotton rather than polyester but I love the sheen on the Superior Threads for machine quilting. My Juki loves them too. Totally tangle and lint free 🙂 I too have no affiliation to Superior Threads whatsoever by the way.

  4. I’ve used Superior Threads products exclusively on my midarm (HQ16) for years, including So Fine, King Tut, Masterpiece and the pre-wound bobbins. I couldn’t be happier. I do use Aurifil for piecing and love the beautiful flat seams. I have, however, had some problems with the stitching popping on finished quilts if the seams are pressed open and recommend some caution on quilts that get heavy usage.

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