Grace Quilt Frame + Juki

My birthday is coming up in November and my husband asked me what I wanted. Well, I really want a long arm machine and frame but thought it was out of our price range until I found the Grace “Start Right + Juki” combo!

Image from The Grace Company

Does it get better than that?! Juki is one of my favorite sewing machine brands, the TL quilting machines get GREAT reviews on, you can’t go wrong with a Juki, in my humble experience. I hope to be able to trade in my F600 toward this, I’ve contacted the Canadian distributor and am looking forward to a response next week. EEEEEKKKK! I’m so excited!!!

For those who aren’t aware, the Juki TL series is a straight stitch only, domestic sewing machine. It’s great for quilting, sewing garments or home decor. You can purchase just the machine on it’s own without the quilting frame. I’d recommend it for the beginner or the advanced sewist.

My Juki HZL-F600 is up for sale at $750.00 if you are interested. The thread cutter needs adjustment.


5 thoughts on “Grace Quilt Frame + Juki

    • How long have you had your Juki Avis? I hope I can get the combo locally. If not, I’ll have to order from the U.S. and forgo the warrantee. Do you also have a quilting frame for your Juki? Do you FMQ with it??

      • I’ve had it since November 2011 and I bought a quilting frame to go with it. All my quilting is done with the Juki on the frame. I must admit, I really wanted a Bernina because of the stitch regulator. I was advised that I would have to spend really big money on a Bernina to match the speed and quiltability of the Juki and that I would quickly find the stitch regulator a hindrance. Also, that once I’d practiced, the stitches would be regular anyway. The advice was correct and it saved me so much money 🙂 I’m really happy with my choice.

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