Clearing out the cottage

1970’s Vintage Pots & Pans

I spent yesterday clearing out the cottage and posting vintage goodies on Ebay and Etsy.

Besides the groovy paisley pots and pans, one of my favorite items, which I haven’t posted yet is this little Japanese spice set. The wooden holder acts like a miniature lazy susan, just turn the little wooden knob on the top. (Click any image to enlarge.)

Click to enlarge   

Other items I haven’t posted yet inclue the ever popular pyrex bowls and cookware.


And groovy glassware.

If you see anything you like, drop me a line and we’ll make a deal. Also, if anyone knows how to get food staines out of pyrex, please let me know! I haven’t tried yet and I don’t want to unnecessarily scratch the cookware.

My friend Andrea is coming over to sip wine, hang out and do a bit of sewing, yipeee!


3 thoughts on “Clearing out the cottage

  1. Hi Tabatha – I signed up to your blogs because I saw that you had a Bernina sewing machine and I was interested in purchasing one. I’ve loved seeing all your beautiful and creative work. Good luck with selling your items. Seeing them gave me a chuckle. Anyway I have successfully used “Milton” antibacterial solution (used for sterilising baby’s bottles etc) for removing stains from ceramics. I’m in Australia so I guess you will have an equivalent in Canada. All the best from downunder!

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