Grace Start-Right + Juki TL-2000Qi: trigger pulled!

That’s right, I pulled the trigger today (with DH’s blessing as birthday/Xmas gift) for the Grace Start-Right queen size quilt frame, Juki TL-2000Qi and stitch regulator. bundled it up with a ton of goodies including bobbins, spare needles, goose neck lamp, laser pointer, e-book and a slew of video tutorials. Lynn and Kathy are dedicated to making your quilt experience with the Grace frame as positive as possible and provide amazing support and service. Thank you Lynn & Kathy!!

Kathy Quilts also has a YouTube channel with a number of videos on the Grace Start-Right quilt frame. This is an excellent bargin for those who want to quilt on a frame but can’t afford a longarm set-up. Linda Teddlie Minton wrote a nice review of the set-up on her blog, read it here. There is also a Yahoo group for Grace quilt frames here.

Image from Kathy Quilts

Thank you Honey, for the wonderful birthday/xmas gift!

Now I have to find a great job so I can start purchasing fabric again! ;D

9 thoughts on “Grace Start-Right + Juki TL-2000Qi: trigger pulled!

    • I was going to go to the CreativFestival to look at shortarm set-ups but now that I have one on order, there’s no point, I don’t have any extra cash to spend so where’s the fun in that?! ;D

    • Super exciting Carmie! I will post TONS because there isn’t much out there from owners. Even on, there aren’t ANY review of the Juki TL2000Qi!

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