Star Blossoms Quilt Top Done!

I finished my Star Blossoms quilt top last weekend but the weather has been so crappy I haven’t been able to get a photo till today.

Many of my blocks were too small, I feel if I’d starched my fabric prior to cutting, it would have turned out much better. But I still love this quilt. Not being perfect makes it more human. 😀

The pattern is by Cottonway and I used Lauren & Jessi Jung’s Flora. I’m waiting on more fabric to make more stars for my Modern Mable quilt and I started another quilt using Oh Deer by MoMo. Photos to come once I actually have a block or two done. Right now I’m in the process of sewing strips.

Linking up with Freshly Pieced  and The Needle and Thread Network.

20 thoughts on “Star Blossoms Quilt Top Done!

  1. I think it’s beautiful and it looks PERFECT! I, too, have always been a big fan of spray starch. It can even be used to hold strips together without pins: lay one strip on ironing bd right side up, spray well, lay other strip on top, right side up. Press well. Take it to the machine and sew. No pins required!

  2. Great pattern, wonderful colours. I use a lot of starch when quilting (2 Tsp cornstrach in 4 cups of water, or to your liking), but it seems to me that you managed quite nicely without!

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