Happy accidents & super flat seams

While I was cutting my Oh Deer! jelly roll strips, I had some happy accidents happen.


As I mentioned yesterday, I’m using water, applied with a paint brush on seams then pressing with a dry iron to make them flatter, it works beautifully!

Now that all my two-piece blocks are sewn and cut I’m sewing 320 4-patch blocks today, I’d love to get them finished but it doesn’t seem likely, too many other things to do today.

Fabricland is having a member’s sale today till Saturday, 50% off everything in store! I hope to purchase cotton canvas to make a pressing surface and velcro leaders for my quilt frame. I noticed in their flyer that they also have wool batting on sale, many professional quilters use it for show pieces, I’d love to try working with it! Have you used wool batting? Did you wash it? How did it turn out??

Check out today’s tutorial at Quilt Story.


2 thoughts on “Happy accidents & super flat seams

  1. I have to say…it seems tedious to apply starch to seams with a paintbrush. The same effect can be achieved with an overall water or starch spritz before ironing. When you are dealing with straight edged patches especially, the dry iron is not so necessary. Your patchwork will not get stretched out of shape since it is already put together. Not a criticism. I just think it sounds unnecessary for most cases and it might save you a ton of time!

    • Hi Cathy, it doesn’t really take much time to apply water to my seams (not starch because I already starch my fabric twice before cutting) to flatten them, I have a little dish of water on my ironing board at all times. I’ve tried a spray bottle with a thin stream but it applied too much water) I’m fortunate enough to have the time (at the moment) to be able to take my time. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment!!

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