New block, new quilt in progress

In progress this week is this quilt without a name made with two Oh Deer! by MoMo jelly rolls and some Kona Snow yardage. There was a quick, vague tutorial  on YouTube but no measurements.

I’ve written a pattern for this and am testing it out for myself. I took very careful care in the cutting, starching each jelly roll strip first as mentioned previously, and using water and a paint brush to flatten my seams. I’m also clipping some of my seams to keep the white areas without shadows. I think I under estimated how much white I need, I have to recalculate and will get back to you!
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

15 thoughts on “New block, new quilt in progress

  1. I like how your quilt is coming along. I agree with your effort to not have seam allowances show through under the white. I find it really distracting when I see “halos” in people’s patchwork!

  2. Looks very nice so far! I love the fabrics you’ve chosen.

    Sounds like a lot of work though -what’s the water and paintbrush bit about? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone doing that… (I don’t pretend to know all there is to know though, so no surprise there :D)

    • Hi Kristel, if you have a seam that won’t lay flat, apply some water directly to the area with a fine spray bottle or paint brush or, if nothing else, a Q-tip, then with a dry iron, press it again. I find that really bulky seams flatten out nicely with this method.

      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment!

      • That’s really interesting, like I said, I’d never heard that one before. I’ve recently started using Best Press, which results in very nice flat seams, but if water works as well, I’d rather ditch the chemicals (and expense). I guess I should try it out sometime.

  3. You have a lovely very traditional quilt pattern there… If you always press your fabric toward the dark fabric you will not have seams showing beneath the whites. Also, by pressing toward the dark, your seams will often link so that the intersections rarely have more than the two layers. I do love the colours in the block!

  4. Very colourful block with the white contrast. I just finished a quilt top with lots of white and I ironed to the white, as per directions…I’m hoping that when I quilt the seams will become more subtle, but I also notice that I did a good ironing job and the seams aren’t an eyesore.

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