Completed: Oh Deer! Quilt Top

I’m done, I’m done, I’m finally finished this quilt top!!

Bending Pins: Oh Deer! Quilt Top Outside

Although I like the finished product, I don’t think I’ll make this pattern again because 4-patch blocks bore me, I found the process very tedious. I like to work on more interesting piecing like Star Blossoms, Y-Seam Stars and Parcheesie, blocks that challenge me and give me satisfaction. Β Despite starching my fabrics and careful cutting, my blocks did not come out perfectly.

It rained all day yesterday and it’s gloomy outside today but I took photos nonetheless.

Bending Pins: Oh Deer! Quilt Top Inside

Next project on my list is my y-seam star quilt, “Modern Mable” in honor of my Grandmother.

20 thoughts on “Completed: Oh Deer! Quilt Top

    • I was so tempted to drop this project in the WIP pile and do something else but I’m glad I completed piecing it! I don’t have a backing for it and it’s 6th in line for quilting. ;D

  1. This quilt is really great – but I sure do hate it when I’ve put a lot of care into making the blocks come out perfectly and the STILL don’t – makes me very grumpy. Good on you for finishing it up – glad you didn’t have to resort to drastic measures to endure the boredom!

  2. I have a lot of quilt patterns that I won’t make twice because the process bored me or was tedious. My favorite old quilt pattern is the log cabin–I love the process and never tire of the color and pattern combinations.

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