Backyard Baby Tumbler Blocks

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Continuing on my y-seam adventure, this is my first attempt at tumber blocks. All fabrics were starched twice prior to cutting, strips were cut parallel to the selvedge edge. The first seam was sewn 1/4″ from the inside edge to 1/4″ from the outter edge of the block. The remaining two seams were sewn from the outside edge towards the centre and thankfully, matched perfectly!

The centre seams were pressed in a spiral formation (which created a cute miniature tumber) to avoid any bulk although I don’t like shadows in my light fabrics. I don’t think there’s anyway around it though, especially because of the way the blocks fit together.

TIP: If you are sewing y-seams, do NOT sew all the way into the center seam, stop one stitch length or less from the center. this allows seams to lay much flatter. I lock each seam at the beginning and end with a single back stitch.




I thought using my leftover Backyard Baby fabric was perfect for this project, it’s growing so fast that I’m sure it’ll be an unintentional baby size quilt in no time, I’ll just continue and see how big this gets.

Perhaps I’m not looking at the “right” blogs but I don’t see many young bloggers making tumbler quilts, they’re a lot of fun, super cute with the right fabrics and so easy!

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10 thoughts on “Backyard Baby Tumbler Blocks

  1. Your blocks are awesome. Maybe you’ll be heading up a trend, Tabatha. I know that making a tumbler block quilt has been on my bucket list since six or so months ago when I bought a book called Quilts of Illusion by Laura Fisher and fell in love with them. Hopefully, I’ll get started on one in the new year.

    • Oh Avis, have you tried y-seams? I really didn’t find it that hard once I starched my fabrics, cut accurately and found out where my Bernina though the 1/4″ was. ;D Hope you’re having a great weekend!

      • I’ve got a few things to finish and some tops to quilt before I sew anything new but I’ll definitely try the y-seams. Never done them before. I love all kinds of stars 😀

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