60 degrees

I know what you’re thinking, more stars? These stars are actually built around 60 degree tumbling blocks which you can see clearly on the botton right of the image. The pattern is from Quilter’s Academy Vol. 4 called “Constellation” designed by Carrie Hargrave and finishes at 26″ x 37″. The piece below is the full width of the project, the diamonds are 2 & 5/8″. There are 11 different yellows and 17 hues of blue, most of the Kona solids with a few tonal prints tossed in.


I didn’t intend on starting a new project but this one looked fairly quick and easy. Fingers crossed! ;D

3 thoughts on “60 degrees

    • Thanks Avis but don’t look at the back of this quilt! It gets tricky to press the seams on the 6 point intersections. I checked the book and they say to press them open but I’m struggling. 😛

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