January’s Lucky Star block


January’s Lucky Star block is a paper pieced block of the month led by Don’t Call Me Betsy. I thought that since I’m in the Simply Solids bee, I’d try another quilting using only solids. I’m not completely happy with my block so I think I’ll try again using a colour palette from Design Seeds or maybe low volume solids.

I need more practice to produce a better paper pieced block! Any tips??


6 thoughts on “January’s Lucky Star block

  1. Wonderful block Tabatha! You really are getting into the solids! I’m doing this BOM too, but haven’t even started yet. I don’t see anything wrong with your piecing!! Sooo difficult to pick a colour scheme isn’t it? I like the colours you chose, but I know what it’s like when you just aren’t happy with it and there are so many combinations out there! Design Seeds is a great place to look. good luck!

    • Thanks Patti! This was my second or third attempt. Despite the fact that Elizabeth sent the exact piece sizes, I ignored them and cut my own… incorrectly! (doh!)

  2. I like your colour choice. I am about to start my block this morning using solids too. I just picked ones I liked! Thanks for the link to Design Seeds – very cool.

    • Ooo, I LOVE orange, it’s one of my favorite colours! I think I have a harder time with green, there are so many (ugly?) shades but there are some gorgeous shades as well.

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