“How many squares?” quilt block

How Many Squares in Fig

How Many Squares in Fig

Today I discovered Project Quilting through Pretty Lady Baby‘s blog. Remarkably, they’re in their fourth season, how did I not know about this?? For their kick-off, the first challenge is A Square in A Square. What better block to enter than my “How Many Squares” puzzle block? So this morning, I chose a colour palette from Design Seeds, selected my fabrics and went to work following my own directions.

Thankfully my pattern seems to be correct and the block went together quickly. The most difficult task in this process was laying out the colours. In addition to the original palette, I added Kona Snow and Ash. To set the block off, I added a big, chunky 4.5″ border on all sides in Kona Slate.

My next decision will by how to quilt this. I’m thinking using perle cotton and hand quilting. What do you think?
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

18 thoughts on ““How many squares?” quilt block

  1. This block looks soooooo good! The colors just jump out – I am really encouraged to do some work with solids after seeing what you’ve done. Thanks for sharing.

  2. If it were me, I would do concave curves (caving in from all edges towards the center) or something with diagonal motifs. I can’t picture the perle cotton for some reason. I’m picturing more subtlety in this block. I love how it turned out, colors and craftsmanship are great!

    • Thanks Cathy, I’m in the process of quilting it with an orange peel pattern. I also thought it would be interesting to quilt a bull’s eye either from the centre out or off center would probably be more interesting!

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