When I Googled “Hand quilting”, one of the results was a YouTube video on Thimblelady. One word describes her perfectly — PHENOMENAL!

So I ordered a package of needles and a plastic thimble to experiment, I didn’t want to initially invest a lot of money, the metal thimbles can be quite expensive and everything is shipped from Australia. I received my little package yesterday and used one of the needles to bind a mini.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Thimblelady’s quilting needles! They’re long, thin and made of surgical steel in Australia, they glide through fabric like a hot knife through butter! I haven’t tried the thimble yet, it’s for actual quilting, not binding a quilt but will write a review once I get the hang of her quilting method.  And before I forget, I have large hands (thanks Dad!), my ring finger is a 9+ and have difficulty finding a thimble that isn’t made for a delicate fairy. Thimblelady’s large thimble fits me perfectly, YAY!

These are the only needles I’ll ever use for quilting, there are 26 in a package so I’ll have enough for awhile!


2 thoughts on “Thimblelady

  1. I assume that “9+” is your ring/thimble size? My middle finger is an 8+, but that isn’t the problem. I unfortunately have a *huge* arthritic bump – right on my quilting finger! My old thimble is a Roxanne, which *used* to fit me perfectly. I can’t get it on my middle finger anymore. IIRC, Thimblelady says she can quilt with her thumb, index, middle and maybe even her ring finger! This is a skill I have to learn.The Roxanne thimble is a great fit for my index finger now. For my middle finger, I love, love, love my Thimblelady cone thimble – the steel version of the plastic one. It’s so worth the price. The dimples are perfect! And those needles! I’ll never use those fiddly betweens again – that’s for sure. They made me feel like a clumsy oaf. From the first times I used Thimblelady needles (sizes medium and large are my favorites), my stitches were better: reliably smaller and more uniform. And my hand was so much more comfortable to boot.

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