Hand Stitching

Modern Mabel Quilt

Modern Mabel Chicopee y-seam star

Modern Mabel Chicopee y-seam star

I finished hand quilting and  binding my Modern Mabel quilt, an ode to my Grandmother and WE love it! All the fabrics except the background (Kona Maise) and backing, a baby blue tiny houndstooth flannel, are by Denyse Schmidt.    I hand quilted it as my Grandmother had 50 years ago when she gave the original to my parents as a wedding gift.

I have a very special attachment to this quilt and think I will make another for sale in my Etsy shop, which is rather empty at the moment.

I also hand quilted my “How many squares?” puzzle block, my entry into the Project Quilting Season 4, first challenge, “Square in a square”  competition. Being a square block, I thought droplet like quilting — the polar oposite of squares, would add interest and movement to the block.

Droplet QuiltingAlthough my stitches aren’t perfect (who’s are??), I really loved quilting with Thimblelady’s needles, they allowed me to fit many more stitches per inch than a regular short quilting needle.  I can’t quilt like Thimblelady yet but I’ll practice!

Someone mentioned I should submit this block for the 100 Blocks magazine, if you have information on this, I’d love to know!!

My girlfriends Andrea and Tara came over yesterday for our very first Durham Modern Quilt and Craft Guild meeting and had a blast. If you’re interested in joining and live in Durham, Ontario, Canada, send me an email and let me know you’re interested in joining us for a great time of chatting and stitching, we’d love to meet you!

Hope you had a great weekend with family or being creative!

xo xo Tabatha

8 thoughts on “Hand Stitching

  1. Love the circles in your “How many squares?” and the fact that they are doing different things in different sections. And your stars quilt turned out really well. Hand-quilting a full-size quilt is quite an accomplishment! It looks really cozy and I love the softer color palette you used.

  2. I’m a fan of hand-quilting, and you’ve done a beautiful job on this quilt. Did you have trouble with keeping the backing taut? I have only hand-quilted my work, and even though I pull the backing taut, tape it down, lay on the batting and top, then pin AND baste, it seems like I still get pleating/gathers on the back, which I don’t hate, but I also don’t love! Is this because I’m not using a hoop?? I know you’re more experienced with machine-quilting, so please don’t feel obliged to answer!! I do so admire your craftsmanship, color choices, and commitment to your art – thanks again for sharing with us!

    • Thanks so much Carla! I visited your blog and I think I’ve been there before but don’t know why I didn’t add you to my Google reader, I love your fabric and pattern choices!

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