Star Flowers

Bending Pins: Star Flowers #1

I found the initial pattern for this block in Quilter’s Academy Vol.4, the original was called “Snow Crystals” and I instantly fell in love with it. I added the little square of deep fuchsia in the corner blocks which I really love. I was thinking of using this block (or a better one) for the center of a quilt then scattering blossoms around it adding green leaves. This block was a challenge for me because there wasn’t any step-by-step instructions on how to sew and press the seams. I made a few mistakes which I hope to correct in my next iteration. I used Joel Dewberry’s latest line, Notting Hill in Magenta, I love the depth of colour he used!

I’m really struggling on a name for this block, suggestions welcome!

I’m off to attempt another block. What challenges are you working on?

22 thoughts on “Star Flowers

  1. how big is this block? There are an awful number o fpieces that I see. It must be a challenge to get it to lay flat, I’m not sure that I have the skills (or patience) to get this block looking this good.

    • Hi Paul, the block is 21 1/4″ x 21 1/4″. I tripple starch my fabrics before cutting (with homemade corn starch mixture) and cut as precisely as I possibly can. I’m not perfect but I was amazed how flat this block lay when I was done. I starched and pressed the seams from the wrong side when I was finished sewing. I find this helps the fabrics from fraying.

      I think there are 64 pieces to this block, I wasn’t counting when I was putting it together because I was trying to get the fabric prints placed in an arrangement that I was happy with.

      Thanks for visiting and asking great questions, I appreciate it!

      • wow! 21″. I was thinking it was a 12″ or 15″. You did a great job in cutting the squares to get those patterns centered like that. How long did you spend on this block? 9 of these with sashing would make an interesting quilt, either highlighting different fabrics in each block, or changing the block in some manner.

      • I think I’d set them on point to make the quilt more interesting but I’m thinking of using this block as the center of a medallion type quilt. The most amount of time I spent on this block was selecting, arranging and rearranging fabrics! Sewing once the pieces are cut seems to go by quickly, I really enjoy the process. 😀

  2. Awesome block, Tabatha! Love the colors. Since fuchsia is a flower, and you have used that color in the centers, which is sorta like how they bloom, how about “Fuchsia Foursome” or “Four Fuchsia.”

  3. How bout “Mosaic Flowers” or “Mosaic Medallion” or something to that effect? It makes me think of an intricately pieced tile Moroccan floor. Can”t wait to see it expand!

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