Triple-Zip Pouch

Bending Pins: Tripple Zip

I joined yet another Flickr group this year, the Triple-Zip Along with Debbie from  A Quilter’s Table.  I couldn’t resist using my current favorite fabrics by Joel Dewberry, Notting Hill in Magenta. I wanted the medallion to be featured on the front with the orange band at the top so my pouch is a little larger than most. I think I’d like to make a triple-zip with a square bottom next, maybe a zip on each side as well as the top… If you click on the photo you’ll get a bigger image and will be able to see the little birdie zipper pull which I picked up at Quilt A Bag  with my friend Tara yesterday.

You can check out other Triple-Zip pouches here.

What’s your current favorite fabric(s)?

14 thoughts on “Triple-Zip Pouch

  1. I have serious bird-envy! I’ve been looking for fun zipper pulls (that don’t cost more than all the other ingredients combined) forever. I went to their site, but alas, no zipper pulls. You scored. The bag is adorable.

  2. I just love a little embellishment. Very cute with the bird! My favorite fabric line right now would be Noteworthy and Simply Color. I have not got to snag it yet but it is on my list. I was thinking about doing joining that flicker group but I really am already doing too much….gotta finish something first before I add more…

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