WIP: Zippy Portfolio

I started with Kerry Green’s Portfolio Organizer tutorial using some experimental blocks
I’d thrown in a drawer for which I had no plan.

Portfolio - Outter

I didn’t want the large pleated pouch, I though items would probably slide out so instead I made a zippy pouch.
The fabric pattern matching was a complete fluke!

Zippy Pouch

You know how the zipper and fabric always shifts when you sew?
Well, I used fabric glue and set it with an iron prior to sewing which worked beautifully, I achieved an effortless zipper insertion!

Portfolio Inside

The zippy pouch is removable with snaps, I might round all the corners including the zippy pouch.

Portfolio Detatchable

I’ve been absent from blogging lately because I’ve been working like mad to get some WIPs finished for a shop in Cobourg called “Impresario Artisan Market“, we took a nice drive today and made my first delivery! Rebecca has an amazing store filled with handmade arts and crafts ranging from blown glass to paintings, sculptures, clothing and pottery, everywhere you look is something wondrous and beautiful.

I hope you’re weekend is productive and full of bliss!

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