Michelle Patterns: Padded Camera Pouch

Padded Camera Pouch

This is such a cute, functional, well padded camera pouch, I love the softness of it created by the batting, lining and interlining.

Padded Camera PouchThe construction is quick and easy, I made the medium size and my little Lumix fits with room to spare, the small probably would have fit perfectly but I like the medium size. As with all Michelle Patterns, the instructions are clear and concise with lots of photographs. The pattern called for a velcro closure but I’m not a big fan of velcro so I opted for a matching snap though not the easiest to attach, I originally had a subtle turquoise snap but I ruined it so I had to use yellow.

Obviously, you don’t necessarily need to use it for your camera, I could see it as a little clutch and I love the draw string, it adds a little extra security for the contents.

Padded Camera PouchHave you noticed a trend in my sewing lately, I mean besides making items other than quilt blocks or quilts? Yuuup, YELLOW! I think subconsciously I’m jonesing for spring to arrive and right now, yellow is making me very happy.

If you’d like to make yourself a little padded camera pouch, you can purchase the pattern from Michelle Patterns.

Padded Camera Pouch

Have you been sewing something other than quilts lately?







5 thoughts on “Michelle Patterns: Padded Camera Pouch

  1. I have so many things i want to make, quilts and other, that i hardly know where to start, but there is something great about little projects i can finish in a few hours. Love the yellows, and like you say, it feels like a step towards spring.

    • I know what you mean, I have 4 or 5 quilt tops that need quilting, I think I’m procrastinating a little by making these quick, cute little projects BUT, they will be for sale at Impresario. 😀

  2. Oh, I really like this! I bought a camera case for my new camera and it doesn’t fit (but it fits the old, so I kept it). This may be just the thing. Yours is super cute!

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