Fractured Pieced & Quilted

Bending Pins: Fractured Quilt: Pieced and Quilted


Offsetting the focal point was a good idea because I ran out of my blue fabrics as well as the purple! I quilted spirals in orange, red and variegated yellow threads. (Note to self, work on your spiral quilting!!) I plan to use another shade of purple to bind this quilt, I used a deep red wine colour for the backing. Next time I make this quilt, and yes, there will be a next time, I’m going to make sure I have enough fabric!!

If you want to make a Fractured quilt of your own, the tutorial is here and the Flickr group is here.

I think the only sewing I’ll accomplish tomorrow is binding this quilt, the rest of the day will be spent rearranging my sewing space as we’re adding a WaterRower to our workout arsenal, nice low impact exercise for your entire body, YAY!


24 thoughts on “Fractured Pieced & Quilted

  1. OMG!!! I love your quilt… the colours and design are stunning!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilt!! I hope you don’t mind if I try to pin it on my Pinterest board for future reference.

  2. Very striking design and impressive quilting – it looks great. That’s the best fun about improvising and learning to re-create as you go. I really enjoy your blogs and love seeing your creativity Tabatha. Your review of a sewing machine brought me to your blog in the first instance. Enjoy your low impact workouts – I can imagine it to be a perfect way to stay healthy and fit and side-step your wintry weather of snow storms. I’m in the southern hemisphere – we suffered a 45 degree Celsius sun searing day a couple of weeks ago! Can we weather swap? I’ll look forward to enjoying more of your gorgeous and creative work 🙂

    • Thank you so much chilliclark, I’m overwhelmed by your kind words! I’m so glad you derive some pleasure from my blog, without feedback, we just don’t know who we’re relating to! Do you also sew or quilt?

      I have to imagine you’re in Australia? I’ve heard that the temperatures have reached 42c in some areas with lots of brush fires. I’d be happy to send some cooler weather your way as well as about a foot of snow. ;D

      Again, thank you for following along with my sewing and quilting adventures, thanks for commenting!

      • Hi Tabatha, you are correct. I live in Sydney. Born and raised here. Learned to sew from an early age and remember with fondness my school sewing teacher giving me a hug when I hand sewed my first tiny running stitches at age 8. So I understand how you would appreciate feedback! I was first introduced to machine sewing when treadle machines were still around and my Dad converted one to an electric using an old vacuum cleaner motor! I mostly sewed clothes for myself and then my husband, daughter and I moved to Indonesia for quite a few years and I found myself with lots of time on my hands. I met an Australian lady who ran quilting classes and I delighted in the pleasure of hand sewing once more as well as enjoying an instant ‘family’ of sisters – a beautiful gift in itself. I love to admire other people’s work and the pleasure it surely gives them to create it. It would be wonderful if we could share our weather but noticing your darling have to move that amount of snow, I can imagine the novelty would wear out very quickly here! I’ll keep following you with much interest and joy. 🙂

  3. I really love the off centredness (is that even a word) of this, it looks fab, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with your circular quilting, it gives another dimension against the crispness of the piecing, perfect. I always like to see the binding too, it frames a quilt and can make or break it, looking forward to seeing it fully finished, I’m sure this will bring great comfort to your friend.

    • Thanks Ange! I don’t think the binding will make much difference in this case, I want it to blend rather than to stand out but I guess we’ll see, haven’t had time to get to it yet!

  4. Tabatha that is amazing, the colours are great as well as the design. I always enjoy my daily emails from you. It is nice to check in and see what exciting things you have done today.

    Have you heard of Katie Pedersen she has a quilting website She teaches and has a book out. Her quilts are amazing, I’m sure you will find her website interesting.

  5. Wow! This quilt just blew me away! I recently started following your blog and your quilts have really inspired me to get creating and get out of my lull. This one is fantastic.

  6. The water rower looks like a really interesting full body workout. I wonder how easy on the knees it will be. Let us know what you think!

    I’m working on a night sky quilt, now and am struggling to come up with the variety of dark blues, I never thought that purple could be part of it. Thanks for that idea.

    Your quilt…. makes me feel uncomfortable. Makes my chest tight. I wonder why that is. I must demand more order in my life?! It definitely creates a reaction and I love that about it! Great color choices!

    • Hi Lori, The WaterRower is supposed to be low impact, I’ll let you know if it’s hard on the knees but I don’t think so because you’re using your entire body — arms, back, stomach and legs.

      I think I know what you mean about the Fractured quilt, it seems to elicit an emotional response, certainly excitement and I think it’s a combination of colour and pattern, or lack or order. I hope it’s not too much for our friend, the right side of his brain was damaged, the side that holds emotional responses. If it’s too much for him, I’ll make him a low volume version, something more calm and peaceful.

      Thank you so much for your honest opinion!!

  7. I like the off centeredness! The quilting is fabulous too. I didn’t read all the above comments, so maybe you already answered this, but did you do it with your walking foot or just FMQ the spirals?

    • Thanks P.! I used my walking foot but it still wasn’t as easy as I had anticipated, especially the small center, which turned out wonky, don’t look too closely!

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