Fractured Complete

Fractured Quilt CompleteHere it is, Fractured complete. The binding isn’t quite the same colour as the deep purple but it goes and I’m happy with the completed project. Next week I’ll be starting Fractured Low Volume in whites, beiges and maybe a brown or two, looking forward to it! If you’d like to make a Fractured quilt of your own, you can find the Tutorial at Displacement Activity and check out the different colour combinations on the Flickr Group.

Yesterday I purchased the Craftsy class, “Design your own handbag”, it’s so awesome!! I’ve been making simple totes and bags for many years but rarely used hardware. Now that I know how to install it, I’m excited to try it out! I have a ton of grey wool I bought when I was making clothes, needless to say I’m going to be making bags with it! It’s very, very soft, it almost feels like cashmere but I know it’s not. I also have a ton of black, lightly woven interfacing which is perfect for this application.  Another leftover from my garment days is yellow top stitching thread for jeans, looks great against the grey with a nice big 4mm chunky stitch.


Happy Friday everyone! What sewing are you planning to do this weekend? Have you signed up for the Craftsy handbag making class?


32 thoughts on “Fractured Complete

  1. Quilt is looking good! Are you giving it to your friend after all? He will love it. Also…I would have to agree with you that the gold topstitching looks great on that grey wool! I look forward to the finished bag. I have only signed up for the free bag classes. Hope it’s fun!

    • Holy crap, I didn’t know there was a FREE bag class, must go sign up!!

      Yes, we will be giving this to our friend with brain damage, I hope he reacts in a positive way.

      • There are two free bag classes actually. Not the most super exciting though. They are more utilitarian bags, nothing wrong with that, but not stylish handbags per se. I can only afford free stuff at this point in my jobless (except for sewing) existence!

  2. Oooh, the quilt is really, really lovely. I’ll have to head over to check out the tutorial. I’m already imagining all the combinations that could be done with this. I’m interested in your mention of the low volume version; I haven’t really been on board with that trend as of yet. I tend to gravitate to more saturated color choices!

  3. I really like the placement choices you made and how you quilted it, guess I’ll be ordering some fill in colors to start my own here, your version helped contribute to my decision to get started sooner instead of procrastinating for another 5 months!

  4. Hey I just saw a very cute bag that someone made over on Craftsy. She got the FREE pattern off a neat website called the long thread. It is a pleated tote. I think I want to make one myself.

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