Low Volume Stuff

Fractured at Low Volume progress photoI made a little progress on my Fractured at Low Volume quilt but the transition from light to dark seemed too stark for me and I’ve run out of tracing paper so I’m going to sit on it for a few days till I can get more (tracing paper). In the mean time, I toyed with some scraps then when that wasn’t working, made a little wonky log cabin. (Click images for larger view.)

Low Volume Wonky Log Cabin

This afternoon while watching recorded episodes of Archer, I’m going to try a little Canadian smocking and perhaps some redwork after that.

Have you heard of the “No Poo” movement? No, it has nothing to do with bowel movements, it’s about giving up your shampoo! Here’s an article why you might want to think about it and maybe even try it. I haven’t used shampoo in a week. Today I washed my hair with 1 tbsp baking soda diluted in a glass of warm water and rinsed with apple cider vinegar diluted at the same rate. It worked beautifully! Removed the dirt and oil from my hair without stripping it and without any nasty chemicals. My hair is full of body without being fly away and shiny soft. I’ve been addicted to salon shampoos for years now, I wish I’d known about this sooner! Have you heard of the “No Poo” movement?


9 thoughts on “Low Volume Stuff

  1. In regards to the no poo idea, my brother said the other day “Shampoo for your real friends and real poo for your sham friends.” But he was just being silly! I have wanted to try out Wen haircare products (not actual shampoo) but is kinda expensive. I will try your recipe next time. And now I will hop on over to the article.

  2. I went almost 10 months poo free but suddenly my scalp became blistered with small sores!!! It was nasty… Itchy, seeping, and uncomfortable, so I returned to shampooing. I tried but it wasn’t for me I guess 😦 I’m curious about the poo free stuff advertised on tv called Wen… Maybe that is what I should try.

  3. Yikes Michele! Sounds painful! I once had two spots on my head that got bad. I had these pea-sized bald spots. Then when the hair grew back it curled in these ridiculous tendrils for a while. I felt silly. (;

  4. I’ve been considering going no poo for a few weeks now. First we’ll see how this oil cleansing method goes for washing my face. Like no poo, it sounds bizarre – washing your face with oil?!! – but some people swear by it. I’m about a week and a half into it and I’m pretty happy.

  5. I haven’t used shampoo for about 18 months now. I very occasionally (like once every few months) use just conditioner, but otherwise I do the baking soda/vinegar thing about once a month. The only thing I miss is the nice smell of shampoo!

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