Dritz fail!

I started working on another basket this morning, I typically mark my grid using Frixion pens but the ink doesn’t run smoothly so I tried this Dritz pencil thingie which marks wonderfully, too wonderfully, the friggin’ marks wouldn’t come off!

Dritz pencil and markings


I know you can’t see the lines very well in a photo, click the image to see larger. I was using a dry micro cloth in attempt to remove the markings but that didn’t work. I left a blue-green hue to my stitches.

Washing Dritz MarkingsEven scrubbing with Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover didn’t work  (it really works… on everything else!), those stupid lines wouldn’t go away! I filled a tub with cool water and a half capful of Zero laundry detergent, gently scrubbed and soaked, rinsed and lay out to dry. The markings were a little lighter I think but I could still see them when the fabric was wet so I threw it in the dryer for 15 minutes. The markings are finally gone but what a hassle! I decided not to iron the crinkle out of the fabric, it’s making the basket have a softer appearance that I really like so all is not lost.

I hope to have 2 finishes tomorrow, “hope” being the key word. I really, really love those Riley Blake Ombre dots!!

Hope your week is going better than mine!




4 thoughts on “Dritz fail!

  1. Word to the wise about those Frixion pens. I was raving about them to all my friends. Just touch the marks with an iron and presto – vanished! Not so fast Bucko! I now have some fabric that I cannot completely remove the marks from. So much for Frixion pens.

  2. Not sure if it’ll get the Dritz out, but I love the oxy clean gel stick. It got some serious marks out of a table runner for me once

  3. Oh crap, that’s annoying, I have one of the Frixion pens, and have had a few issues with it coming off properly. The best pen so far seems to be the blue, remove with water inky pens, but even they can be a little tricky sometimes. Good Luck with your projects. : )

  4. It’s nice to hear product reviews from friends. But sorry that came at the price of such a hassle with you! I hope you contact the company and let them know too that their product doesn’t do what it claims. They need to recall and redo!

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