Orange Ombre Basket

I took a bunch of photographs of my completed Orange Ombre Quilted Basket this morning and would love your input. Click any image to enlarge.

First of all, if you read yesterday’s post, you’ll know that I had to wash the exterior of the basket to get rid of the chalk lines left by the Dritz marking pencil. The result was, of course, a soft crinkled look to the fabric which I quite liked. What do you think? Also, I’d like your opinions on the photos, these are for my Etsy shop and I’d like to know which photos you like best and why. You’re allowed to include five photos with your listing.

Without further ado, here they are:

Fig. 1

Fig. 1

Bending Pins

Fig. 2

Bending Pins

Fig. 3

Bending Pins

Fig. 4

Bending Pins

Fig. 5

Bending Pins

Fig. 6

Bending Pins

Fig. 7

Bending Pins

Fig. 8

p.s., I haven’t slip stitched the top yet so I can still make changes, i.e., iron the exterior fabric.

p.p.s., Thank you for your help!!

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34 thoughts on “Orange Ombre Basket

  1. I really like the first photo with the magazines, because you really know the size of the basket. From the pics the other day I thought they were MUCH smaller, since there was no sense of scale.

  2. I like the basket, but don’t like the crinkled look of it. That’s just my personal choice others may love it. The picture 5 and 7 are great. Really there were no bad ones. I just like that they show what you can do with the basket.

  3. Tabatha, your basket is adorable! I like photos #2, #3, #5, #7 the best. They show the inside and outside, and also the functionality for my taste. Hope it helps!

  4. I love the crinklely soft effect with the orange dots – I do hope you have some wonderful sales with Etsy. You did a wonderful job photographing the basket and gave some great ideas for ways to use it – always important! Best wishes to you!

  5. I like #2, #3, #5, #7 the best too but in all honestly I like them all. But these do show how much you can put in it and the sort of size of the basket. I love the look this basket to pieces. Thanks for sharing your great photos – I must learn how to take decent photographs.

    • Thanks for your input Evelyn, I think half of the readers that commented are on one side or the other. For this particular basket, I’m leaving it crinkled for something a little different. 😀 Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

    • Thanks Ange!! I’ll be using props in many of my photos from now on to help with scale. Reviewing these photos again, I need more lighting or I need to adjust the aperture and use my camera instead of my iPad!! I don’t like how grey they appear even though the basket colours are good.

  6. This is such a fun basket!! My favourite photos are 1,3,5,6,7. I think it’s great to show the basket in use, and shows the scale. I love that it’s a good size for magazines and showing the idea to use it as a hamper/gift basket is wonderful too, so many possibilities there!

    • I agree Rachael, props are a must in at least a couple of the photos for scale. Quite honestly, I didn’t know it was big enough to hold magazines until I grabbed some and put them in!

  7. Hi Tabatha,
    Nice work, again! I don’t mind the crinkled look. Leaving it this way could also prevent any surprises when the recipient/ customer washes the basket for themselves. A care label would be a good idea to include with the item too, although I am sure you already do this!
    For photographs I would suggest numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8.
    3 gives a good look at the interior detail, 4 to show the handle construction/detail which I am a stickler for! 5 and 6 are fab to show the size and capacity of the basket (which is awesome!) and 8 also offers a scale representation and alternative use suggestion.
    Just wondering, is the wide band at the top of the basket functional? i.e. does if flip up? does it serve a purpose? or is it purely aesthetic? a photo or description clarifying this might be useful for potential customers. I, for one, would wonder about it! Wishing you much success with the sales!

    • Thank you Song! I don’t know if I’d recommend tossing my baskets into the laundry, there is are inserts, same as what you’d use for making handbags, to keep the basket a little firmer, I don’t know how that would wash. I guess I could toss one of my personal baskets in the washer and see what happens. 😀

      The band at the top of the basket is just a decorative cuff, like on a shirt or pants when they’re a little too long. ;D

  8. Lovely, Tabatha! I like 5 or 6 because it gives you a better sense of the size (i.e. large enough to fit magazines). Fun! Glad the pen marks came out!

  9. I really like your new heading. It still looks like you. The basket looks great. Just was over to visit your friends sight. She does nice work.

  10. Hi Tabatha, I like pictures #1,2 5 and 4, in that order. I like #1 because it is the best straight shot…and I love the crinkly look too btw! #2 because it shows another important angle. #5 shows the scale and suggested use to best advantage. (I think more people can relate to magazines than baby powder etc…it has a more universal, safe appeal.) And I would include #4 because it shows enough of the inside but also shows some nice detail of your topstitching. And I do like your baskets. Excellent craftsmanship. I think they might get less comments (since you wondered) because there is less of a composition to ponder like there is with a quilt. Maybe a 2D image captures people’s design attention more on this site? Just an idea. (;

    • Thanks for your input and ideas Cathy! I’ve been considering creating quilt blocks to create a basket or two but because of all the extra work, the price would have to go up too. Maybe I’ll make one or two and see how it goes.

      • Oh I don’t think your baskets are lacking anything, though patchworky could be a fun element to experiment with. I was just trying to demystify your little question the other day…about baskets. I think you hit on the key though…asking people’s opinions! Look how many responses you got flooded with! Keep up the good work!

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