New & Improved!

NEWI’ve had such a blast creating the graphics for my blog, it’s been a very long time since I’ve done anything like this and am hyped that it all came back so easily!

My goal was to create a vibe of “fun & sassy” and personalize it so that I wouldn’t see any other blogs with the same graphics, that’s such a bummer! It all started with iMadeFace, an iPhone app where you can create a cartoon version of yourself (or anyone else for that matter). I brought cartoon me into Photoshop and went from there. The header, background and other little graphics were all created from scratch.

Do you think anyone would be interested in my graphic services for their blog?

Believe it or not, I was able to squeek in a little sewing yesterday too, just finished up another basket which I may post later. Today is a fun filled day of laundry, W00t!


14 thoughts on “New & Improved!

  1. I think others would be interested in your talent : ) You are fortunate to know how to do all that. I have to yell for my son all the time. Drives him nuts !
    Enjoy your day.

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