A new handbag

Last night while watching the Oscars I caught the handbag bug and looked at designer bags for inspiration. I decided to make a simple modified recangle bag with an inset window.

Inset WindowThe fabric I used in the window is a Japanese linen purchased on Etsy last May. I used a double stitch with 50wt Mettler thread around the window going really slow around the corners to make them smooth since any mistake would be obvious.

Box Bag Lining

Interior zippered pocket

I’ve based the zipper to the lining and exterior and am going to hand pick the zipper because I didn’t leave myself enough seam allowance, ug. I have to wait for hardware before I finish this bag.

All in all, this was an excellent Monday for me, I’m very satisfied! Hope you had a great Monday too!


11 thoughts on “A new handbag

  1. Wow what a productive day you had! Looks great! Unrelated tip here–Craftsy posted some free lectures from Quilt Con on the site. There should eventually be 8 in all. Email me if you need more info.

      • I will warn you that on at least two that I’ve watched so far, the slides were beyond blurry. Craftsy says they are working on it. So you might want to wait a while…painful to sit through blurry slide after blurry slide!

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