Open Wide Zippy Pouch

Bending Pins

This is my first attempt at Noodlehead’s Open Wide Zippy Pouch, I really like it and learned a few new tricks in the process. I quilted the exterior fabric prior to construction.

Bending Pins

Bending Pins

I also worked on M-R‘s block for our Simply Solids: a modern {bee}, she wanted a Trip Around the World block and supplied us with the dark grey and deep purple fabrics, we filled in the rest.

Trip Around the World

I need to continue working on my quilted basket tutorial!!  Have a great weekend everyone!


12 thoughts on “Open Wide Zippy Pouch

    • The zipper insertion is a little different but yet another method to choose from in future projects, love that! I wasn’t sure about the colours for the Trip Around the World block, I thought orange and/or yellow would be an obvious choice with purple.

    • I know, I love Summersville so much, too bad they’re running out so soon! I’m so happy you like your block, I popped it in the mail yesterday so you’ll have it next week. Let me know! 😀

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