Two new baskets

I finished up my Amy Butler basket this morning. This time, I whip stitched all the seams on the inside so they’d lay flat then tacked down the sturdy poly so it wouldn’t shift.



I love this fabric! I didn’t quilt it because I didn’t want to distort the floral pattern but the inside lining is quilted in a diamond grid.



I finished the second basket awhile ago but just never got around to taking photos.

Yellow Wood


My shoulder is remarkably better, I think I just needed a day on the sofa!

17 thoughts on “Two new baskets

  1. These look really good. I’ve been wanting some sort of uniform-sized containers, and this might just be the ticket! Thanks again for your great postings.

  2. Just love your colourful basket and the no quilting look! and so happy to know that you’re shoulder is much better.

    • Don’t you just love that fabric? I think I have to get more of it! I like the quilting because it keeps the batting together with the fabric and makes the basket sturdier without being hard. But with a gorgeous fabric like this, no quilting works!

  3. oooooh – that Amy Butler fabric basket is absolutely FAB! I think you totally did it justice too by leaving it alone and quilting just the inside! LOVE them! Nice job as always 🙂

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