Pattern Play

The response to my conveyor belt / neighborhood pattern yesterday was overwhelmingly positive, thank you all so much for your kind words!

As promised, here are a few more patterns using the same conveyor belt motif.

Green Weave

Green Weave


Turkish Tiles

Lattice Overlay

Lattice Overlay

This last one is my favorite, the lighter diagonal stripes give it another dimension and the optical illusion of curves. Here’s what the block layout would look like:

Lattice Block Layout

Lattice Block Layout

And for something completely unrelated, I went to Staples after my dentist appointment the other day and found CLEAR Elmer’s School Glue!


I like to use Elmer’s School Glue when attaching binding to a quilt or holding seams that might slip, learned it from Sharon Schambers.


10 thoughts on “Pattern Play

    • Thanks Carla, I’m working on my Rainbow Conveyor Belt pattern first! I would like to make the last block in this post, I like the dimensional feel of it.

  1. I just watched the entire SS video, and I see that I will never win a prize from the binding police because I like my corners to be slightly rounded. I am going to go on rebelling against what is deemed perfection, because I like the way it looks…and my quilt corners will never poke someone in the eye so that’s good to know. Ha ha…
    Love the Elmer’s glue tip though. Who knew! Not me, before anyways.
    Last night at the grocery store, I bought some Glad Press’N’Seal. Check out this YouTube video by quilting expressions (called What to Quilt on your Quilt). I’ll let you watch it to see how it comes into play…
    Love it when you can use office supplies and kitchen stuff!

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