Rainbow Conveyor Belt

Conveyor Row 1My Conveyor Belt pattern is coming to life!

I sewed a few test blocks yesterday and quickly realized that if I wanted them to lay flat, I’d have to press the seams open, something I never do on quilt tops. But in this instance, it works. I’m using my new clear Elmer’s glue to match and secure the seams so they don’t shift while I’m sewing.

Another thing I’m doing differently with this quilt is I’m building it vertically. I like to switch up colours so I don’t get bored while I work and it’ll be much easier to match the seams in columns with the blocks of colour. Once I got going, the blocks were quick and easy to put together. I’ll be adding red, deep purple and turquoise above the magenta.

Can’t wait to to get columns two and three added on to see how it develops!

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15 thoughts on “Rainbow Conveyor Belt

  1. THAT is such a great idea to use the glue to match it all together prior to seeing etc! You so smart! Beautiful job – I can’t wait to see the finished product!!!!

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