Playing with shapes

It started with this shape:

Slanted Shape


Which evolved into this shape when I copied and rotated the original shape:

star flower shape


Which I thought was a cute chubby star/flower thingie. Then I tiled it…



Which I though was a cool frame shape where you could highlight different fabrics and I really like how the frames are slightly offset.

I also played with the flower pot shape.



Which transformed into a mod flower power design.



Crazy, I know! I’ve seen similar patterns like this as mod pop art. Don’t know if anyone has created a quilt like it.

I’m off to get my hairs cut today then Andrea and Sew Tara are coming over for a girl’s sewing afternoon, W00t!


9 thoughts on “Playing with shapes

  1. Okay those potential quilt designs are fan-fabulous!!! You are so creative! Jealous about yer Saturday sew-in w/ like minded quilt friends!!! Have a HOOT!

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