Picture Frames Breakdown

I broke down the window frames idea which was quite interesting, it’s not your typical quilt build but certainly not impossible or difficult. No more difficult than a traditional log cabin, IMHO.

Framed Block Breakdown

And here’s the star block:


A very simple 8″ x 8″ block and if you wanted, you could fussy cut the center and use this block for a different quilt. I have included seam allowances in the diagram above.

Here’s what it might look like  using just the flower star block:


Or set on point:

FlowerStar V1.0

I really hope you’re enjoying exploring different shapes and quilting possibilities as much as I am. Your thoughts and comments matter!

The ideas are flowing much faster than I can sew…

This is an original quilt pattern designed by me. If you choose to make it and share on social media, a credit would be greatly appreciated. Sale of this quilt pattern without permission is prohibited by copyright law.


12 thoughts on “Picture Frames Breakdown

    • Cool Keitha, I’d LOVE to see someone try it out!! I hope to finish my Rainbow Conveyor Belt this week then maybe this one! Thanks so much for your encouraging words and support!

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