Rainbow Conveyor Row 2

Rainbow Conveyor Row V2

I managed to get another row completed on my Rainbow Conveyor Quilt pattern, I’m very pleased with how it’s going together. When I first started work on this, I had run out of starch — it really makes a difference, I can’t stress that enough. If you aren’t starching your fabrics before cutting, you end up with a lot of frayed edges, it also makes it difficult to match seams.

Can you guess which column didn’t benefit from a good starching?

I wish I could get a better photo but it’s raining and gloomy out today.


12 thoughts on “Rainbow Conveyor Row 2

  1. They look good to me! Looks like the points are matching up, the only thing I can notice if I looked at it really close that the yellow one looks a little more wrinkly. It’s turning oit wonderful, you just never know where inspiration strikes, huh?

    • Thanks Kati! Despite my best efforts (I wish I had starch when I cut my coloured fabrics!!) some of my points didn’t match which makes me a bit batty, especially since this will be a quilt to hang on the wall.
      Architecture is a great place for inspiration!

  2. i can’t tell a difference. If I really scrutinize, I can see a couple maybe mismatched points on the dark purple “houses” but that’s both of them, right and left, so that would be a row, not a column. I say if you can’t find fault with the naked eye, it is just fine. Looks great to me!

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