Flower Power

Groovy Flowers 2

I started sewing half square triangles for my Rainbow Conveyor but Flower Power was calling my name. I started by cutting out 5″ tumblers and 3″x3″ squares. I traced my tumbler pattern onto a piece of graph paper from which I created a plastic template.

Groovy Templates

The blocks went together easily using y-seams. Yes, I know many of you fear them but they’re really not very difficult. I suppose you could turn the wonky diamond into a wonky triangle.

Groovy Orange Flower

Here’s the block breakdown:

Flower Power Breakdown

Oh, and my new favorite colour palette. I hope you give it a try.

Flower Power


This is an original quilt pattern designed by me. If you choose to make it and share on social media, a credit would be greatly appreciated. Sale of this quilt pattern without permission is prohibited by copyright law.

23 thoughts on “Flower Power

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  2. An optical illusion pattern, always makes things interesting and such a fun way to trick our minds…thanks so much for posting your process — and I read ‘tomorrow’s” post too so thank you for those hints and how to!

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