The Necessary Clutch Wallet

This past weekend I received an email from Emmaline Bags with a coupon (WALLET20) for 20% off of her fabulous “The Necessary Clutch Wallet“, so I bought it, and today I made it!

It’s an interesting patten, a nice challenge but not overly difficult, I really enjoyed making this clutch. I was able to cut all the pieces, interfacing and complete the project is less than a day. I decided to use Jeni Baker’s Color Me Retro fabric, it’s a great summer print.

The Necessary Clutch Wallet


The Necessary Clutch Wallet


There’s a ton of room in this clutch for everything including your smart phone. I’d like to add another zippy pouch and wrist loop to this pattern.

I have a few bag patterns I’d like to make this week. What are you up to?

20 thoughts on “The Necessary Clutch Wallet

  1. Very cute. I haven’t made a bag or wallet yet. I think it intimidates me a bit. Maybe someday…. A girl can hope, right?

    • If you want to try a simple project, try one of Michelle Patterns bags (icon on my side bar), her instructions are excellent and she has a number of simple patterns which will build your bag building confidence! Good luck!!

    • Thanks Jeanne-Mariel, I’m not quite sure about the hardware, the screws are very short and I’m afraid they’ll fall out over time. I may add glue to ensure it doesn’t fall apart!!

  2. I just found a cute bag for a quarter. So that saved me a ton of time and $$!
    I am working on a quilt for my nephew. Inspired by Kaffe Fassett’s shirt stripe boxes.

  3. I have made dozens and dozens of various types of bags over the past 20+ years (most of my own design), but I’ve never seen anything like this! You did a superb job! I LOVE the hardware. Went to Emmaline’s site and even though she sells a hardware kit for this bag, it does not include the twist closure. I’ll have to contact her about it.
    You really knock me out with your creativity and your workmanship!! Oftentimes, a person will have one or the other, but you have both. Congrats.

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