What Andrea found!

Andrea came over to work on a quilt for her daughter, Andrea’s very first quilt! When she arrived she realized she’d forgotten a number of pieces at home and because she only lives a few blocks away, zipped home to grab them. On the way home she spotted a funky cabinet on the curb and stopped to check it out. Low and behold she found her very first vintage sewing machine, and a cool one at that!



I’ve collected a few old Singers , mainly the black sort but I’ve never encountered the Singer Athena 2000 Electronic!! According to my research, it’s from the 70’s, it has electronics and some plastic inner workings but sews very well. We plugged this baby in and after some minor fiddling, it did make sewing motions but I have a feeling it needs some love. Andrea also found the manual and a foot or two.


Behind the “Athena 2000 Electronic” badge lives these dials, crazy!

IMG_1659To select a fancy stitch, you push the button, a red light appears then you turn the dial at the far right end to select the stitch, the images scroll, wacky and I love it!



The plate behind the foot folds down to use the free arm, I’ve never seen that before!



And what’s that dial for?

Andrea has left this cute little number at my home for further inspection, I’d really like to crack her open to see what’s going on inside. Maybe tomorrow. 😀




20 thoughts on “What Andrea found!

  1. I love it and am so glad someone snatched it who will give it a second life. I still cringe when I think that years ago I threw out my Mom’s old metal singer from probably the 60s because I couldn’t find anyone to fix it. I bought a cheap one from Walmart to replace it that was all plastic. So sad now and I would to know she got rescued.

  2. Great find, I love machines. That is one cool looking machine. I picked up an Omega this weekend for the cabinet. I can place my machine on top of it. The only exciting think I found was a pack of export cigs that have never been opened it was most likely her secret stash. The pack was from the 70’s.

  3. beautiful find! a chance to learn how a machine works, take it apart if you can’t get it to sew properly and figure out what goes up and down and round and down and in and and out, and then give it to an inquisitive boy who love to tinker… That is, ONLY if you can’t get it working right…

    • This isn’t my first retro machine, I’ve torn apart all kinds of Singers, Kenmores, and Elnas but I haven’t had a peek into an electronic machine before, makes me a little nervous. Mechanical is so basic, hard to screw up. ;D

  4. Oh my goodness!!!! I remember when those first came out and they were to die for…hmmmm, yeah, not so much any more. I had wanted one of those so badly (I was still a teen in the 70s and did a lot of sewing even then)! I love vintage machines – and so the collection begins! 🙂

  5. I have it (having purchased it brand new way back when), still use it daily, although it’s getting harder to find someone to service it or get parts.

  6. I own one and I don’t know if I should have it repaired for the second time or just let it go… Winding the bobbin is a problem for this machine.

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